3 Considerations for Safe and Healthy Playroom Tips

Playroom cannot be created carelessly. It does not only relate to the attractiveness but also the safety and health. It means the playroom you have should be safe and healthy. You can realize it with some tips. So, in this article, we will share about safe and healthy playroom tips. Therefore, if you follow the tips below, your kids will be safe to play in the playroom and you can keep their health well.

Safe and Healthy Playroom Materials

The first thing that you have to consider is the material. It relates to eco-friendly playroom tips. In this case, I suggest you to use natural materials for your kids’ playroom. With natural materials, the playroom will not only be earth friendly but also people-friendly. So, it will be good for environment as well as for you and your kids. For example, cotton fabrics & rugs will be a good idea because they resist mildew and also easily clean up. They are also safe for kids who have allergenic reactions from chemicals, dander, mold, and dust.

Besides floor, you also need to pay attention to other parts. For example, you can apply cork because it is hypoallergenic. Besides that, it also has low static surface so that it resists collecting pet hair and dust. Even more, it can also withstand moisture. It is also easily maintained like hardwood. In addition, it is soft underfoot too so that it is comfortable for kids. On the wall, you can consider low-VOC and water based paints to decorate the playroom. Anyway, it belongs to safe and healthy playroom tips.

Safe and Healthy Playroom Design & Furnishings

If you use your basement for your kids’ playroom, you should maximize natural light so that the playroom will not be dump. Besides that, applying some plants outside the windows will also be great for people-friendly playroom tips because it will feel fresher. In choosing the furniture, you have to avoid furniture made from plastic. I suggest you to prioritize wooden furniture. For example, it will be a good idea for you to apply salvaged materials where they are not only green but also give a personality.

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Then, you can also consider distressed painted playroom furniture. Besides looks fun, it also creates elegant impression. If you consider painted furniture, you have to make sure that the paint has water base. You can also add some sand, stone, and water to create natural nuance. In addition, you should also keep it clean and healthy. Garden containers, enamel bins, and baskets may be very useful.

Considerations for a Basement Playroom

If you plan to create a playroom in your basement, you have to make the high ceiling. Besides that you should also maximize the light, both natural lights and lamps. Anyway, you have to prevent moisture. So, space has an important role in this playroom. You have to make sure that the basement playroom is spacious enough. Hopefully those safe and healthy playroom tips will be useful. So, you do not need to worry about your kids to play there.