5 Playroom Storage Ideas for Different Toys

In a playroom, you certainly apply so many toys there. If the toys are not used, they should be stored. So, you need playroom storage. Considering the use, storage can be one of the most important things to be applied in a playroom. Playroom storage comes in different ideas. There are many kinds of storage that you can apply in your kids’ playroom. So, you have to adjust it to the toys you apply. The more various storage you apply, the more interesting it will be. Therefore, you can consider these playroom storage ideas below.

Playroom Hooks

One of the most interesting playroom storage organizations is hook. Hooks are installed on the wall and you can apply more than one hook depending on your need. Hooks are best for something that can be hung. For example, you can store caps, costumes, etc. There are many benefits of hooks. For example, hooks ease your children to organize and take the toys. Besides, hooks also look tidier and more attractive. Then, hooks also take more space efficient. That is why you have to apply hooks in your kids’ playroom.

Ball Baskets

Balls can be considered as one of the must be applied toys in a playroom. If you also apply balls, you should consider ball baskets. There are many kinds of balls such as soccer ball, basket ball, tennis ball, etc. With ball baskets, you can teach them to store the balls by throwing them into the baskets. Besides exciting, it also helps them to improve their throwing skills. Anyway, it is considered as one of the most recommended playroom storage ideas.

Nail Storage

Wall storage is always interesting. The simplest wall storage can be made from nails. You just need to use nails o your playroom wall and use them to store some toys such as car toys, robotic toys, etc. The function is similar to hooks. However, it is simpler and easier to make. Besides that, it also needs less expensive budgets. Therefore, you can try following this playroom storage organization idea. Before installing the nails, you have to choose the wall space that is free.

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Cabinet Display

It will also be a good idea for you to apply cabinet display. It will be recommended for you who offer dolls to your children. So, you can arrange them on the cabinet display. It does not only function to store the toys but also as the decoration. Therefore, it can enhance the look of your playroom. Besides dolls, you can also display some toys such as robotic toys, ceramics, etc on this storage. It will also look tidy and organized well.

Toys Shelves

Shelves cannot only be used to store books. You can also organize your children’s toys on the playroom toy shelves. Of course, the height should be adjusted to your children. So, you can let them to arrange and take the toys by their own. Those are playroom storage ideas that you can apply. From the ideas above, which storage is most appropriate for your children’s playroom?