5 Playroom Unisex Toys Boys and Girls Love

Playroom is needed for every kid. So, if you have one or more kids, you have to give them a playroom. You can make a playroom in your house. You have to design and decorate it as well as possible to make them excited. However, you have to focus on the toys that they want to play. If you have male and female kids, what toys should you offer? You have to make sure that the toys are appropriate for both boys and girls. In this case, you can try the following playroom unisex toys.


Balls can be one of the best unisex toys for playroom. What balls should you offer to them? It is just up to you. For example, you can apply a tennis ball, soft ball, basket ball or other kinds of ball. Of course you have to choose the ball that is soft because hard balls can hurt them. With balls, they can play by throwing, catching or rolling the balls. Anyway, playing with balls is very fun for both boys and girls.

Toy Animals

Toy animals can also be one of the options. It’s are very fun to play by both boys and girls. However, they may like different kinds of animals. For example, boys may like lion, tiger, elephant, etc whereas girls may like rabbit, cat, sheep, etc. You can also consider classic ancient animals like mammoth and dinosaurs because most boys and girls like them. That is why toy animals belong to playroom unisex toys recommended for your kids.

Yo Yo

In the past, this toy is made from woods but today you can find the modern model. Commonly, the modern yo yo can light up to make it much more attractive. It can also be considered as one of the most recommended playroom toys for boys and girls because every kid feel excited to play this. Kids can spend minutes or even hours just for playing this fun toy. So, are you interested in yo yo? Just offer it to them and they will play it enjoyably.

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Children, either boys or girls, like being allowed to write and draw on a board with chalk. So, you need to apply a chalkboard in the playroom. With a chalkboard, they can draw and write anything. It is very fun and useful for their creativity & imagination. You can offer colorful chalks to make it much more attractive. Therefore, it becomes one of the best playroom toys for male and female.

Bath Toys

Kids love playing water. When they take a bath, it will be a good idea to offer bath toys. So, you can apply a bath tub for kids and let them play the bath toys on the water. Bath toys come in various shapes such as ducks, fish, geese, turtles, etc. It will be very exciting while taking a bath. That is why bath toys are considered as one of the most fun playroom unisex toys.