9 Inspiring DIY Playroom Furniture Ideas

If you have kids, you have to let them play around. It will be better if your kids play at home because you can control and monitor them well. However, you need to have a room or space for them for playing. In this case, the best idea is to make a playroom. In a playroom, you certainly must apply many kinds of game equipment. However, it is not enough because you should also apply furniture. Rather than buying furniture, it will be better for you to consider DIY playroom furniture. What furniture that you should make by your own? Here are the best ideas.

Playroom Table

One of the most important ideas of playroom furniture is table. In this case, what you need is a game table. Game table can be designed special for playing game or multifunction. You can buy playroom table easily but most of them will be priced expensively. So, to save money, I suggest you to make DIY playroom table. You can measure the proper size and shape depending on the room and space available. You can also adjust the design to your kids’ desire.

Playroom Chairs

Table cannot be separated from chairs wherever you apply. In a playroom, you should also apply chairs besides table. Same with the playroom table, you can also make playroom chairs by your own. The amount of the playroom chairs depend on how many kids you have. The ideal amount of chairs for a playroom is about 2 to 4 chairs. If you make DIY chairs, you have to make sure that they are strong so that they will be safe for your kids’ seat. Besides, the chairs should also be comfortable so that your kids will enjoy sitting there.

Different Types of Seat

In a playroom, seat is very important. So, if you want to plan DIY playroom furniture, seat should be prioritized. You may create more than one seat. However, you cannot only think about one kind of seat only. There are many types of seat that you can apply in your playroom. So, the more various the seat you apply, the better it will be. For example, you can make 2 chairs for the playroom table. Besides that, you can also make a single and a long sofa for taking a rest or playing toys.

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Standing Toy Storage

Because you apply many toys in the playroom, of course you need toy storage. The amount of toy storage depends on how many toys you apply there. Toys storage may come in various designs. One of the most common designs is standing toy storage. So, if you want to make DIY toy storage, you can make the standing model. Besides common, it is also easier to make. Commonly, toy storage is made from woods. If you want the simple design, you can make a wooden box for the toy storage. However, rack will also be better.

Wall Toy Rack

Still related to toy storage, you can also make a rack. In this idea, the rack is not applied on the floor but on the wall. It can be one of the best ideas of DIY playroom furniture that you should follow. Wall toy rack will not only ease you to store the playroom toys but it can also be a good playroom wall decoration. If it is difficult to make toy wall rack, you can also make playroom wall toy storage using nails, ropes, etc as long as it can enhance the look and efficient to store the toys.

Entertainment Center

If you want to apply a TV in the playroom, you should make an entertainment center. Entertainment center can be, for example, a low table that can be used to place a TV, radio, play station, or other entertainments. With entertainments, the playroom will be much more enjoyable so that your kids will be excited to play there. To add the attractiveness, entertainment center should be designed as unique as possible so that it looks more attractive. So, are you interested in this idea? If you are interested, just follow it.

Black or White Board

There are also some accessories that you need to apply to support your kids in playing. For example, it will be a good idea to make board. Board can be one of the best DIY playroom accessories to make because it will be very useful. Either black or white board is good. Your kids will use the board for drawing, writing, etc to explore their creativity. You can put the board on a table or hang it on the wall. Besides useful, it is also very easy to make using plywood.


To keep the playroom warm especially in the winter, fireplace may be needed. Fireplace can be created by your own easily. That is why it belongs to DIY playroom furniture to try. It will be better for you to create a fireplace inside the wall and cover it safely. Make a canal that allows the smoke go outside through it. So, the playroom will stay warm and fresh without smoke. Then, your kids will play excitedly all day even though the weather is cold.


Hammock can also be one of the most interesting ideas of playroom furniture. If you are interested in it, you can also make it by your own using ropes. The benefit of DIY hammock is that you can adjust the length based on your desire. You have to make sure that the ropes are not only comfortable but also strong so that your kids can swing on the hammock safely. You should also make poles to install the hammock. If it is possible, installing a hammock on the wall will also be a good idea.

That is all about DIY playroom furniture that you should consider. You may also make other kinds of DIY furniture for your kids’ playroom. Hopefully this will be able to inspire every parent in making a playroom with DIY furniture.