How to Combine Playroom and Living Room

Playroom is needed by your kids. With playroom, your kids can play excitedly at home. So, you have to dedicate a room or space for your kids’ playroom. However, what it you do not have extra room or space at home? You can consider combining it with other rooms. It will be a good idea if you combine playroom and living room. So, you can save much space. How can you realize it? There are many ideas to try. In this article, I suggest you some tips to follow.

Apply a Daybed

The first tip to combine playroom and guest room is applying a daybed. Daybed is one of the most useful kinds of furniture that you can plan. It is multipurpose because it can function for many uses. For example, if you have guests, daybed can be used for living room seating. Besides that, daybed can also be used for your kids to play the toys in the playroom. Then, it can also be used to take a rest if your kids feel tired or sleepy after playing. With this furniture, your living room can also function as a playroom.

Have Multifunction Storage

Storage is needed in any room at home including your living room and playroom. So, it is very easy to make your living room also function as playroom. In relation to this tip, you can combine playroom and living room by applying multifunction storage. For example, it will be very useful to apply a rack. It can be used to organize your kids’ toys. Besides that, you can also display your collections to make the living room more interesting.

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Consider Double Duty Furniture

Still related to the furniture, you can consider applying double duty furniture. To make your combine living room and playroom, double duty furniture will be very useful. For example, it will be a good idea to apply a trunk that can be opened so that can be functioned as a coffee table as well as storage. Besides that, a play table can also be used for living room table. And there are many other ideas to try.

Choose Neutral Color

What is the best color applied for your kids’ play room? What is the best color applied for your living room? It is easy to answer that question because we all know that neutral color will be good for any room. So, if you want to mix playroom and living room, applying neutral color is recommended so much. It keeps your kids’ playroom comfortable and living room elegant.

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Get Window Shades

Because your living room is not only used for guest room but also playroom, you have to make sure that it is comfortable for your guests or kids. In this idea, I suggest you to get window shades. Besides useful, window shades can also make the room much more attractive. So, it becomes a recommended tip to combine playroom and living room. Hopefully this will be a useful reference.