How to Create a Dining Room Playroom

Playroom is needed if you have children. However, the problem comes when you do not have enough space for it. Actually, you can create a playroom in other rooms. For example, if you do not have busy activities in your dining room, you can consider creating there. Of course, it should be designed and decorated as careful as possible because it is one room that functions for two different rooms. So, this article will discuss about dining room playroom. Here, you can find the tips and ideas that you can follow.

Apply Adjustable Height Table and Chairs

Dining room and playroom are two different rooms that need table with different heights. What if you apply both in one room? In this idea, you have to think smart especially in choosing the furniture. There are many tables and chairs that come with adjustable height. So, this kind of table and chair will be very appropriate for your dining room playroom furniture because you can adjust the height of the table and chairs based in your needs.

Simple Decoration

In relation to the decoration, simple decoration is better. Because it is a room with two different functions, you have to be able to find the best decoration. The theme should be simple so that it is appropriate for both room. Besides that, you should also know that your children will not need playroom forever. When they grow up, they will leave it. That is why simple decoration is better for dining room playroom decoration. However, you have to make sure that it is still attractive and impressive.

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Important Furniture Only

Both of room have different furniture. You cannot apply too much furniture in your dining room playroom because it can make the too crowded. With too crowded, you cannot use the dining room comfortably and the playroom will also be boring for your children. So, you just need to provide important furniture only. For example, table and chairs are needed for both room so that they should be applied. Other furniture you need to provide, for example, are shelves and storage that function to store anything there.

Different Function Areas

Sometimes, your children prefer playing their toys on the floor. So, it is impossible to apply play space on the table. In this situation, you have to create two different spaces. The first space is for dining area with the dining table whereas the second one is for the playing area with a rug on the floor. Of course, it will be useful and enjoyable. So, you have to be able to arrange the area so that both areas are comfortable. Anyway, this dining room playroom design belongs to a good idea to follow.

With those ideas above, you do not need to build different rooms for both. With one room, you can apply two different functions. Hopefully the ideas above can inspire you all to create a dining room playroom.