How to Create a Unisex Playroom for Boys and Girls

If you have kids, you need to create a playroom at home. Playroom should be customized to your kids. For example, you have to plan the playroom by considering whether your kid is male or female. In fact, little boys and girls need different playroom designs and decorations. However, you do not need to create more than one playroom if you have a daughter and a son or more because you can create a unisex playroom. It is a playroom that is designed for both sons and daughters. How to make it? You can consider the following tips.

Choose Neutral Colors

Starts from the color, you cannot apply colors that are obvious for boys or girls. It will be better for you to apply neutral colors. For example, you can try white, cream, or other neutral colors. It does not only relate to the wall but also the furniture, toys, and other items. Neutral colors can work with playroom for boys and girls as well. So, your daughter and son can play in the playroom together excitedly.

Prioritize Soft Colors

If you are interested to make a flexible playroom that can be used for both boys and girls, you have to prioritize the colors that are soft. There are many ideas to try. For example, you can apply grey wall color. Besides that, lime green color will be great for some accessories such as pillows. Soft colors are not only good for both boys and girls but can also create calming nuance. Even more, soft colors can also make your kids’ playroom much more comfortable.

Consider Monochrome

To make a perfect unisex playroom, it will also be a good idea to consider monochrome. Monochrome may sound boring because you only apply one kind of color. However, if you choose the right monochrome color for your kids’ playroom, it will look good and feel comfortable. For example, you can consider applying classic black. Besides that, white also becomes the best and most common idea. Then, cream can also be considered. Or you can also ask your kids what color they want.

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Try Multi-colored Decoration

In contrast to the previous idea where you can consider monochrome, multi-colored decoration will also be good for multi-sex playroom. It means you can combine some different colors to decorate the playroom for your sons and daughters. You can take the colors from their favorite colors so that they love the decoration. Multi-colored decoration will also make the playroom much more attractive. You can try different colors freely as long as they are matched each other.

Apply Stripes

It can also be a good tip to follow. Striped colors will suit both boys and girls. For example, if your son likes black and your daughter loves white, you can decorate your kids’ playroom with black and white decoration. You can also consider other ideas to apply stripes as long as they look good. Hopefully, this will be great inspirations to make a unisex playroom.