The Most Favorite Kids Playroom Wallpaper

This article will discuss the inspiration of playroom for kids and toddlers. Kids and toddlers in question are kids ages 3 to 9 years. Lucky, because you can spoil your toddler by decorating their space with kids playroom wallpaper of motifs of motif specially designed for toddlers. Not only wallpaper motifs, special border with pictures of favorite characters or fantasy motifs also beautify the room of kids and toddlers.

Here are 5 inspirations wallpaper motif for the kids playroom and toddlers:

The Seventh Heaven

Wallpaper wall motifs clouds most often sought to decorate the room children and toddlers. White cloud motif with a light blue background indeed makes the atmosphere in the child’s room to be calm. This time, cloud motive comes with a more fantasy image. Cloud motifs with animal shapes like giraffes, elephants, rabbits and hippos can accompany your children and toddlers to feel at home in their own room. Make your bedroom and child play as a room for them.

The Joy in Playground

This motif is suitable for playroom wallpaper for kids under five years old boy or girl. Neutral background color (white) combined with colorful strokes of images evokes an active and cheerful atmosphere. The roller coaster and swivel images at the bottom of the wall are actually borders of 53cm. If you want to install the playroom wallpaper with a combination like this, make sure the wall area to be covered with “clean” wallpaper from furniture such as bed, wardrobe and desk. This is to avoid the roller coaster motif at the bottom to be exposed. Thus, the atmosphere as in the park can increase the joy of your toddler in his private room.

The Softness Pastel Colors

During this playroom and learning children and toddlers usually uses bright colors, this time will be presented the inspiration of the design of the room by using a softer color. Pure pastel shades are legitimate applied to decorate children’s and toddler’s playrooms. With a fairly crowded motif, wallpaper this wall should be applied to one area of ​​the wall only. The soft pastel look neutralizes the bustling motif. This kids playroom wallpaper is suitable for accompanying your toddler to play and study.

The Superhero

Wallpaper motifs Super Hero Marvel licensed characters give the impression active in space. The characters of Captain America, Iron Man, and Hulk are favored mainly by boys who often watch Super Hero movies. Wallpaper dominated the blue color this time combined with furniture and floor is gray. Neutral colors play a role to neutralize the atmosphere. In addition, the combination of blue and ash can last a long time. In other words, rooms designed with cool and cool shades can still be used even when children are in their teens.

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As Beautiful As Princess

In addition to the characters from the movie Cars, wallpaper producers were always issued other Disney characters, especially those that are popular with children and toddlers. Disney licenses made wallpaper wallpapers can increase product sales from manufacturers and wallpaper wall store. Princess character consisting of Bella “Beauty & the Beast”, Cinderella, Snow White and Princess Yasmin Aladdin is the most popular character and sought by girls aged 3 to 9 years. Pink shades on this wallpaper Princess looks very beautiful combined with furniture and other interior elements are nuanced pink.

Those are 5 kids playroom wallpapers selection kids and toddlers. Visit the nearest wall wallpaper store in your city for more details on wallpaper products. We also open business opportunity as reseller and wallpaper wall agent. Have fun with wallpapers!