Garage Playroom Ideas for Small Space

Playroom is very important especially for you who have kids but they are busy for their school. If they do not have time to play around outside, playroom can be the solution. However, playroom should have a big space. Of course it becomes a problem if your house is not big enough. However, you can use other rooms for playroom such as garage. It will be space efficient for you. So, in this article, we will discuss about garage playroom ideas. You can follow these ideas below.

Create 2 Car Garage

If you are about to make a garage but you also want to make a playroom, you can consider create extra space for your garage. For example, 2-car garage will be a good idea for you to save who have one car. With 2-car garage, you can use the free space for playroom. It will save space you need. You do not need to make a room specially designed for your kids to play because you can use the space in your garage. This will be one of the garage playroom design ideas and a good solution for a small house.

Decorate the Garage Wall with Attractive Theme

After that, you need to decorate your garage. Usually, you let a garage without decoration. However, in this case your garage has multifunction. It will not only function as garage but also playroom. Starts from the wall, you need to paint the wall as attractive as possible. Besides that, applying wallpaper will also be one of the garage playroom ideas. Then, you also need to decorate the floor, ceiling, and other parts as attractive as possible.

Apply Simple Furniture

Because you use your garage for playroom, you cannot apply too many kinds of furniture. However, furniture is needed to support your kids for playing. You have to make sure that the furniture is really needed. For example, you should prefer multi game table to different tables for different games. Besides that, applying a rug will be one of the ideas of garage playroom because you can let your kids to play on the floor. Simple toy storage is also needed.

 Offer Needed Toys

Playroom cannot be separated from toys. You need to offer toys even though your do not have much space in your garage playroom. So, you should choose the toys wisely before buying them. You have to make sure that your kids like the toys you offer. For example, if your kids like playing dolls, buying dolls will be one of the most needed garage playroom toy ideas. If your kids like playing car toys, you need to play car toys they want. You should prioritize toys with small sizes so that you can save space to store them.

Those are some garage playroom ideas that you can follow to apply. You may consider other ideas as long as it makes the garage playroom much more exciting and enjoyable. Hopefully this will inspire you all who want to have a playroom with small space.