Girls Play Room Decoration Ideas

Play room should be designed as attractive as possible. If you want to build a play room, the first thing that you need to decide is the purpose whether it is for your sons and daughters. If you want to make a play room for your daughters, you need to plan girls play room properly. In this case, you have to pay attention to the decorations and other important factors to make your daughters excited to play there. For inspirations, you can follow the ideas below.

Wall Shelves for Girl Play Room Idea

To store the books or game tools, you may need shelves. However, the common shelves may not be interesting. Your daughters may also be bored. So, you should think about wall shelves. Wall shelves can be one of the girl playroom decorating ideas recommended to try. However, you have to make sure that it is installed steadily so that it does not danger your daughters. Wall shelves also look more beautiful and attractive. In addition, it is also good for your daughter’s growth. Anyway, your play room will be much more interesting.

Play Mat for Girl Play Room Idea

To keep the play room clean, you need to put a play mat on the floor of the play room you have. Play mat can keep your daughters’ feet clean so that the floor will also always clean. If you are interested to put a play mat, it will be better for you to choose a play mat that is useful. For example, a play mat with English words will be very useful for your daughters to learn English. You can also find other ideas of useful play mats for your girls’ play room accessory ideas.

Personalized Banner for Girl Play Room Idea

You can also create the first impression when your daughters enter the play room. It will be a good idea if you apply a welcoming banner. However, it will be much more interesting if it is a personalized banner. The banner is purposed specially for your daughter. For example, you design the banner of your girls play room with the text of “Daughters’ Play Room”. Of course they will be happier and more excited to play there.

Hanging DIY Accessories for Girl Play Room Idea

The more accessories applied in your play room, the more attractive it will be. However, rather than you buy accessories, it will be better for you to make DIY accessories. It will not only be more attractive but also more affordable. For example, hanging DIY accessories will be great for your girls’ play room decorations. For example, you can make love, birds, ships, etc from papers and hang them on the ceiling using ropes. Your daughters will be very pleased.

That is all the great ideas that you can apply in your girls play room. With the ideas above, the play room will not only be more attractive but also more exciting and enjoyable. So, your daughters will not be bored to play there.