5 Creative Ideas for Playroom with Some Educative Touches

When it comes to designing playroom for kids, there are many things we should think about. You can start by having white playroom first. However, there must be ideas for playroom that you need to realize as well. You can’t leave the room remain plainly white and empty after all. So, why not giving more educative touches in then? You can let your kids play, while they learn at the same time. Let us give you 5 ideas of such kind to consider here.

Alphabetized Cubby System in Toy Box Storage

Since it is playroom we are talking about here, we will need many toys in. However, you can’t simply put the toys on the floor. You will need storage to keep them in. So, why not considering long storage with many box drawers then? Give each door a letter and arrange them in order. This creative playroom idea will help your kids memorize alphabet in their early life as they play around in their playroom.

Day-Names Labeled Drawers of Kids Clothes

There are actually many things that kids should learn early in their life. Besides alphabet, you can have them remember the names of the days in a week. So, consider of having vertical drawers labeled in day names. Put clothes that should be worn in their respective days. With this educative playroom idea, you can make your kids learn what clothes to wear in each day as they remember the names of the days.

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Color-Coding System in Lego Plastic Containers

This kind of ideas for playroom is pretty similar too. You know that kids like to build something out of Lego. However, Lego varies in its color. Since it would be such a pain to gather certain color if we just put them all in one box, it is better to put them in more organized way. Choose wide but flat plastic containers. Give each of them color names in their respective colors too. Then, just put Lego based on their colors in.

Stuffed Animal Swing as Hanging Toy Storage

Whether your kids are girls or boys, they will still like stuffed animals to play with. If your kids have some teddy bears, some ducks, some dogs, etc. in which all are around the same small size, you should consider this handy playroom idea here. Yes, we recommend you to make hanging toy storage. With this creative idea, you can organize the stuffed animals based on their kind in each bench of the swing.

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Wall-Adhered Art Clipboards for Art Display

This is the last but not the least idea you can consider for playroom. Kids like to express their interest in art by drawing in a piece of paper. Whatever they draw, you should keep them instead of throwing them away. One creative way of doing so is by making art display with clipboards on wall. Stick on the letters of “ART” and adhere rows of 2 clipboards below those letters. You can just clip the paper there. Don’t you think it is a nice kind of ideas for playroom?