5 Ideas by Using IKEA Products to Include in IKEA Childrens Playroom

Are you currently trying to design your children’s playroom? People can just put anything in the room. However, it is better to be more organized to offer effectiveness in it. This time, we are here to suggest you realize IKEA childrens playroom. Simply put, we want you to design the playroom with IKEA products. They don’t have to be playroom products exactly. Not to mention, IKEA products are affordable to begin with. Let’s see here.

Idea #1 IKEA Desk Area

Do you have wide, big window on one of the walls in the playroom? If so, it is better to use the space to realize desk area there. Use two corners of the wall to put IKEA TROFAST storage units. Stack one horizontally and another vertically on it. Use plastic containers to contain toys, books, pens, etc. in the lower storage area. Then, put IKEA LINNMON tabletop on top of that storage area. It is one nice idea of IKEA childrens playroom. Don’t you think?

IKEA #2 IKEA Art Cart

Children do like making all kinds of arts. Usually, they like drawing with crayons, painting with brush, sticking colored paper with glue, etc. We are sure that it is not convenient to have the tools, guide books, materials, etc. for them scattered around the playroom. That is why we suggest you to use IKEA RASKOG cart here. It is 3-tier rolling cart where you can put all of those things in. This idea would be handy for IKEA childrens playrooms.

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IKEA #3 IKEA Dress Hanger

>Are you having trouble of being out of space to put your kids’ dress in their wardrobe or drawer? You don’t have to buy new furniture, you see. You can just realize dressing area in one corner of the room. Choose IKEA BEKVAM spice rack and install it upside down on wall. Use the top to put body powder, body oil, hairbrush, etc. on. You can hang the dresses below it. This IKEA children playroom idea can be paired with mirror on the wall too.

IKEA #4 IKEA Lego Table

Kids like playing Lego, of course. They can imaginatively build something with it. If your kids like it so much, why not giving them special place to do so then? For that reason, we suggest you to make Lego table here. Look for IKEA Lego table hack, first. It is rolling cubical table with open storage below. Then, stick colored Lego base plate on the table top with Velcro fastener and you are done making this IKEA childrens playroom Lego table.

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IKEA #5 IKEA Side Table

If you put big chairs, like sofa in the playroom, we recommend you to add side table in. You don’t have to buy the real side table though. All you need to do is to look for some IKEA KNUFF hacks which appear as wooden magazine file. Pile them up vertically and use colored wooden blocks to act as the table’s legs. So, you can use the top to put things on and have storage to put books in. It is the best idea for IKEA childrens playroom to try.