How to Make a Feng Shui Playroom

Now, feng shui is common to be applied when people design their home. In fact, there are many benefits of feng shui home design. Feng shui can be applied on any room of home interior, not only for living room, bedroom, etc but it will also be a good idea for playroom. If you are interested in feng shui playroom, you have to know about the principles to follow. There are many tips that you need to know. Here are some tips to try.

Add More Energy

To add more energy in your kids’ feng shui playroom, you have to consider energetic and bright colors. For example, it will be a good idea to prioritize purple, red, green, pink, or yellow shades. It should be adjusted to your kids. For example, if you have a cheerful and sunny kid, yellow platform will be a good idea. To support the decorating theme, bright colors can also be applied. Different colors create different emotions and expressions. For example, green can make your kids love nature, yellow can make your kids more focus and give more clarity, etc.

Have Enough Windows and Ventilation

Windows and ventilation are very important. Windows allows the sun light get in the playroom whereas ventilation is needed to make the air flow run well. It will be better that you use glass windows whereas the ventilation will be better if you apply more ventilation. It can improve your kids’ health. That Is why it becomes one of the most recommended feng shui playroom tips. Therefore, you need to follow it.

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Apply Family Pictures

You have to make positive energies on your kids’ playroom to create feng shui. In this case, there are many ideas to try. For example, you can apply family pictures on the wall so that it makes your kids love family. Besides that, you can also consider other decorations depending on your purposes. Anyway, you have to make sure that the decoration creates positive energy. You can make your kids love nature, for example.

Consider Quiet Area

To create a feng shui playroom, you need to make a quiet area in your kids’ playroom. For example, you can design a room inside room. Besides that, it will also be a good idea to apply a kids’ tent functioned to take a rest. With these ideas, your kids can feel fresh and quiet. Anyway, feng shui is not only good for body health but also for mental health.