How to Make a Healthy Playroom

Playroom is very important for your kids. It becomes the space where your kids play at home. You can create a playroom anywhere at your home freely. For example, you create a playroom in your basement or may be just using the corner or under your stairs. Anywhere it is, you have to make sure that your kids’ playroom is safe. However, safe is not enough. You should also make it healthy. So, you can keep your kids healthy even though they play in the playroom every day. Here are some tips of  that you can follow.

Use Healthy Floor Surface

Mostly, kids play on the floor in the playroom. So, you have to make sure that the floor surface is made of healthy material. The floor surface should be hard and smooth. Even more, it should also be easy to clean because it is used every day. For example, it will be a good idea to make safe playroom floor using solid wood for the floor. Other materials to consider are such as linoleum, cork, and bamboo. If you use glues or other finishes needed, it will be better to ones with VOCs. For the rugs, look for ones with natural materials such as jute or wool.

Choose Safe Paint

If you want to decorate your kids’ playroom by painting, you have to choose the paint carefully. You have to make sure that the paint used is low or even no-VOC. So, you can keep the quality of the air safe. You can also protect your kids from any dust exposure that often lead to some diseases. Besides beautiful, your kids’ playroom will also be healthy. Therefore, it becomes a good tip to make a healthy playroom.

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Prioritize Low Toxic Furniture

In choosing furniture, you have also to be careful. You need to prioritize furniture with low toxic and avoid some bad furnishings. For example, it is very important for healthy playroom tips to avoid products with particle board. Besides that, furniture with urea formaldehyde glues should also be avoided. You may need to use clear and stain resistant treatments and various products that come with antimicrobial chemicals like Microban. In addition, products that contain PVC should also be avoided such as vinyl covers, PVC coated fabrics, artificial leather, and inflatable furniture.

Promote Healthy Air

You have to make sure that the indoor air in your kids’ playroom is healthy. One of the best healthy playroom ideas is to open the windows to let the sun light get inside the playroom area. Besides that, you can also add more ventilation so that the air flow can run better. In addition, you must avoid pesticides, fresheners, and harsh cleaners because those are not good for health.

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Those are some tips that you can consider to follow to make a healthy playroom. You can also consider other tips, ideas, and actions to make it healthier. Hopefully this will be a useful reference to improve your family’s health.