How to Make a Non-toxic Playroom

Creating a playroom is easy. With a playroom, your kids can play comfortably at home. You can make it fun with many ideas. However, can you make sure that the playroom is safe for your kids? Playroom should not only be comfortable and fun but also safe. Safe does not only relate to the safe furniture but you have to make sure that everything in the playroom is non-toxic. If you are interested in non-toxic playroom, you can try the following tips below.

Buy Eco-friendly Products

When you buy playroom furniture, you have to be careful. You have to make sure that they are made from natural materials so that they are eco-friendly. To get non-toxic playroom products, I suggest you to buy unfinished furniture. So, it is free from chemical paint or other finishes. For upholstered products, you should ask the manufacturer. For example, if you buy a plastic upholstered product, you have to make sure that it uses the safer plastic. And for the materials, solid wood can be a good choice.

Consider Reused Items

If you buy new items including playroom, furniture, toys, etc, you usually smell off-gassed on those new products. In fact, it can cause VOC risk. So, it becomes a good idea for you to consider buying reused items. Used furniture, toys, etc can be safer than the new ones so that they can be applied on your kids’ non-toxic playroom. Besides safer, they are also more inexpensive because they are not new. However, you have to make sure that the used items are safe. You may also need to clean them up first before you offer them to your kids in the playroom.

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Be Creative without Risky Chemical

You have to let your kids explore their creativity. However, you should make sure that everything is free from risky chemicals. For example, dry-erase and permanent markers have high risk of toxic chemicals. So, you should avoid the items like that. Other examples of items that are easily inhaled are such as dust mixes from paints or clays, mists from sprays, and there are still many others. So, you have to be careful when creating a safe playroom.

Grow Greens

Is it a good idea for you to apply houseplants in your kids’ playroom? Of course, it is not only good for the decoration but also for health. With houseplants, the indoor air on your kids’ playroom will be healthier. So, it is recommended so much to apply many houseplants inside if you want to have a healthy playroom. It can keep the playroom away common harmful pollutants such as benzene, xylene, & toluene. It can also prevent formaldehyde such as chemicals that relate to neurodevelopmental toxicity and cancers.

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Open the Windows

Your kids’ playroom should have windows besides ventilation. The windows should be opened in the day because the air flow will be able to run well. It also lets the sun light get inside the playroom. However, you have to keep it clean every day from any dust and stain. With the tips above, you can create a perfect non-toxic playroom.