Playroom Toys for Kids Age by Age

Do you have a plan to create a playroom? If you want to create a playroom, you have to plan it properly. There are many things to plan. The most important one is the toys. What toys will you offer for your kids? It depends on how old your kids are. So, you have to adjust the toys to the age of your kids. Different ages may like and need different toys. So, you have to choose the playroom toys for kids appropriately.

Playroom Toys for Kids from 0-12 Months Old

When your kid is under one year, he or she is not able to do much. He or she may only be able to see and hear something. However, it does not mean that you cannot do anything. You still need to offer your kid some toys. In this age, you should prioritize colorful toys. It will be very useful for his or her vision to know the various colors even though he or she does not understand yet about colors. Anyway, it belongs to the best playroom toys for 1 year kids.

Playroom Toys for Kids from 1-2 Years Old

When your kid is about one to two years old, you should offer new toys. In these ages, toys with buttons that can produce tune will be a good idea. Besides that, you can also introduce some letters, numbers, shapes, etc. Even though your kid is not able to understand yet about letters, numbers, shapes, etc, it will be very useful. That is why it becomes one of the most recommended playroom toys for kids less than 2 years.

Playroom Toys for Kids from 2-3 Years Old

When your kid is about 2 to 3 years old, he or she is usually able to walk well and speak. In these ages, toys like puzzles will be recommended so much. It can improve their skill and knowledge. Besides that, I also suggest you to apply some dolls, or telephone rings. Your kid may also able to name something like animals. So, you can consider introducing toys with animal shape. It can be considered as one of the playroom toys for kids under 3 recommended to apply.

Playroom Toys for Kids from 4-5 Years Old

In these ages, you should be able to teach your kid. So, you cannot only let him her play but also learn. For example, it will be a good idea for you to offer a set of alphabetic letters so that your kid can arrange the letters to form his or her name. Besides that, you can also teach your kid about math by offering a set of numbers.

Playroom Toys for Kids above 5 Years Old

When your kids grow up above 5 years old, they should be more active. You should ask them to play with paper, board, etc to make arts or works. They can explore their skills such as drawing on the board, cut or fold papers to form something, form something with clay, etc. Those are playroom toys for kids that can inspire you to find the right toys.