Playroom Transition Ideas from Kids to Teens

Playroom is not only for toddlers or kids under 5 years but also older kids and even teenagers. However, the problem is that you make a playroom when they are kids or toddlers and they will grow up. On the other hand, playroom will not change. Of course, your teenagers cannot play in a toddler playroom. Therefore, you have to be able to plan the right transition so that the playroom can still be used. How to realize it? Here are some playroom transition ideas that you can try.

Renew the Playroom Design

While your kids grow up older, they cannot play in the playroom anymore. When they are teen, they need the larger playroom. So, you should consider enlarging the playroom. It becomes one of the best playroom transition design ideas. Besides that, you should also consider other design ideas that are more appropriate for teen rather than child. It is very important to keep the playroom comfortable for teens.

Make it Cool

For children, playroom should be fun. Funny toys may be good for children. However, teens prefer something cool. So, you have to make it cool. For example, replace the toys and games that are not appropriate for teens. You can apply a pool table. Besides that, basketball hoops will also be a great idea. Then, you can also consider applying darts. Anyway, the playroom will always be comfortable as long as you make it cool for them. It becomes one of the most recommended playroom transition ideas.

Accessible and Eye Level

Then, you should also adjust the toys and furniture to what teens need. In this case, the toys and furniture should be accessible and eye level. For example, the best toy storage for kids is with low design whereas teens need the higher one so that you can apply wall toy storage, for example. Besides that, the table, chairs and other kids of storage should also be adjusted. So, they will feel comfortable using the playroom. Anyway, it can be considered as one of the playroom transition decorating ideas recommended to plan.

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Redecorate It Appropriately

Decoration has an important role to make someone feel excited. The playroom decoration for toddlers will not be appropriate for teens. So, you have to redecorate it. You have to make sure that the decoration is appropriate for teens. It depends on their desire. For example, when your kids are toddlers, they like cute animal themed decoration. When they grow up, love themed decoration may be more appropriate for them. You can discuss it with them.

Be Creative

Even though playroom can also be used by teens, sometimes teens do not need a playroom. They need more useful room. So, you may also think about changing the playroom function. You have to be creative. For example, you can replace the playroom becomes a studying room. You do not need to replace the furniture, but you just need to be creative to change the function. The play table can be used as a studying table, for example. With these playroom transition ideas, they can study excitedly.