Useful 1 Year Old Playroom Ideas

Playroom is one of the needs that you have to plan after you have a kid. When your kid is 1 year old, you have to create a playroom for him or her even though most parents create a playroom when kids get older. What can a 1 year old baby do in the playroom? That is what you should apply in the playroom. So, you cannot apply toys of older kids. If you need inspirations, you can try 1 year old playroom ideas below.

Balls and Baskets

1 year old baby usually starts to get active. He or she likes moving something from one place to another. So, I suggest you to apply some small balls and at least 2 baskets. It becomes one of the most recommended one year old playroom ideas because you can teach him or her to move the balls from one basket to another. It is very exciting for him or her. Considering the safety, you should offer balls made from plastic that are small and lightweight.

Attach and Remove

Besides that, a baby with one year old also like attaching and removing something. So, you can offer your 1 year old kid some stickers, posters, etc. After that, let him or her attach the stickers or posters into the wall or paper. You should also let your toddler to remove the stickers or posters freely. It is just to make him or her fun and happy. The more stickers or posters you offer, the more exciting it will be. That is why it becomes one of the best 1 year old playroom ideas.

Arrange and Rearrange

Then, you should also teach your one year old kid to arrange or rearrange something. For example, you apply some woods with different shapes and sizes. You should teach them to arrange them from the bigger in the bottom and the smaller on the top. If he or she can do it, ask them to rearrange. The more various sizes and shapes you apply, the more interesting it will be. It is not only fun but also useful to improve the creativity and imagination. Therefore, it is considered as one of the most advised a year old playroom ideas.

Wear Unique Costumes

It will also be a good idea for you to teach your little kid to wear costumes. In this idea, you should choose unique costumes. For example, you can offer animal costumes, Superhero costumes, or other unique costumes. So, it will be much more fun. After wearing the costumes, you can let your little kid to pretend to be someone else depending on the costume he or she wears.

Use Daily Needs

Lastly, you can also teach your 1 year old toddler to use daily needs. For example, you can teach him or her how to use a plate, spoon, etc. So, when he or she gets older, he or she can eat by his or her own. Besides exciting, it is also useful. Hopefully, those 1 year old playroom ideas above can inspire you who have a plan to create a playroom for toddlers.