2 Adorable Doll Storage Ideas for Kids Playing Room that Complement Its Design

There is no playroom without toys designed for kids to play in. Since kids’ toys can increase in a great number as the time passes, you’ve got to think about the right storage to keep them. How about storing small dolls then? If it is for such toys, there are 2 adorable ideas for kids playing room we recommend here. They are also ones that can complement the room design.

The Wooden Zoo Pen for Stuffed Animals

Since kids like stuffed animals, what storage do you think would be suitable for them? If you ask, we will say that it would be zoo. Well, we don’t say that you need to have big cage to store stuffed animals in. Remember that we realize one for the playroom. There is not enough space for such thing and there is no need for it to begin with. So, look for small and think wood planks for the idea.

Grab nails and use hammer to make those planks into tall wooden cage with the top open. Then, all you need to do is to hang the cage on the wall and put all of your kids’ stuffed animals inside the cage. Writing “THE ZOO” on the uppermost plank would give imaginative touch to the design of kids playing room too. What do you think about it then? This idea is just adorable for kids’ room, indeed.

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The Stuffed Animal Swing with Wood and Strings

Other than the zoo, we can try another adorable idea here. Let’s make a stuffed animal swing then. Between two strong strings, try making seats from small planks of wood. Just attach the plant in the front, back and bottom to make the doll bench. Make it into three or more for better look to complement the playroom design. This storage idea should not be that hard to make on your own.

It takes time and effort, but it definitely costs less than you think. Now that the swing is ready, you can sit the stuffed animals side by side on each seat. With the seating design we make before, there is no need for you to worry about the dolls falling from their seats. Aren’t you interested in having one in kids playing room? Your kids will surely like such adorable doll storage and room decor too.

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