5 Ideas of Kid Playroom Furniture that Meet the Priorities of Both Kids and Adults

Of course, it would be adults’ job to design and decorate kids’ playroom. However, we can’t ignore the fact that children and adults have different priorities in the room. While adults might think of more about functionality of the design, the kids might want every interesting stuff to fit in inside. When it comes to that, it is best to meet the priorities in the middle. There are 5 kinds of kid playroom furniture we can recommend here for it.

Cupboard with Blackboard on Its Doors

Kids just like being mischief, scribbling everywhere they want from time to time. For adults, scribbling on walls would make a mess to the room itself, let alone the design. So, let’s make a room for them to express themselves. If you have recess space in the white wall, you can consider having cupboard inside it. Then, paint the cupboard doors with blackboard paint color. It will nicely contrast the white wall while you let the kids scribble on it.

Wooden Table and Chairs in White Room

If you have airy room designed with white wall, beige floor, big glass window, and greenery outside, it would be nice to have something to match them all. So, here we suggest you to put small wooden table and chairs by the window. It will make naturally nice look. With such set of furniture too, your kids will get to play cards or small stuffs on higher surface without having to lean their back down like what they would do when playing on the floor.

Rustic Low Shelves for Kids Reading Corner

Other kid playroom furniture we suggest to you here would make good idea for room corner set for reading purpose. With glass window decorated in wood frame and iron details, rustic low shelves below it would match the scheme in white space. Fill the shelves with various children books and put globe and small stuffs on the top. Adding bean bags for kids to comfortably sit on as they read would be nice as well instead of making them sit on floor.

Brightly Colored Sofa for Nice Pop of Colors

You see, kids just like colorful things and would be happy to have such around them. If you have basically white painted playroom, it would be easy to make pop of colors. Besides making the room look interesting for kids, it makes the design have some character on it. Not to mention, you can have it functional as well. In order to realize such thing, you can consider putting brightly colored sofa in the playroom. It will surely do the job well.

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Rustic Chest with Mattress for Quick Seating

It sure is quite a tricky to plan room that fits just everything in. Not to mention, kids do like to have many toys around to play with. Since it would be a mess to have them around, you can consider putting rustic chest inside the room. It would serve as good storage. You can still make this kid playroom furniture functional by placing small mattress on it. It would make the chest turn into nice additional seating that would be comfy to sit on.

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