5 Ideas of Kids Play Room for Play Space that Kids Can Cherish in Their Early Life

If you have kids at home, it is necessary for you to consider making a place where they can call their own. Yes, we are talking about making kids play room here. However, you’ve got to put attention to the design of the room itself. It is only well designed play rooms that kids can cherish much after all. To realize such thing, you can consider these ideas below.

Smart Storage with Room for Artwork

You know kids need lots of storage in their play room, right? There are many books, toys, and other small things to store after all. So, consider of having enough storage in the room. Choose one with open shelves. Thus, you can place things there while having them as display purpose. It would make nice artwork in the storage. Keep the shelves low for kids to reach easily and put wicker basket beside it for extra storage to put things.

Colored Furniture near Kids’ Storage

It is a room we are talking about here. We need to have furniture inside too. Even though kids tend to rarely sit still on chair, there are times when they would draw or play tea party and such. For such occasion, we need table and chairs indeed. Give them pop of colors with paint and have them near the storage for easy reach of books, toys, etc. as kids play at the table. You can also consider putting soft rug below the furniture for comfort.

Nice Wall Display for Kids’ Latest Arts

Kids play room can always be a place of art for kids’ work. If your kids like drawing for example, you can spare some space on the wall to be their art display. Just stick letter décor saying ART and attach 6 pinboards in pair below it. Hang cans of pastels, pencil colors, or such on the hanger below the pinboards. Anytime your kids make their latest arts, you can pin them on the pinboards and have them displayed nicely in their play room.

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Calm Color Palette for A Bit Adult Feel

Sure, play rooms are kids’ place to play. The room might be their ground, but parents will always come in and be there too, right? If you don’t want to spend your time in kids’ only zone, you can consider designed the room with a bit more adult feel inside. So, go for calm color palette here. Have the ceiling, walls, and shelves in white and floor in brown. Near storage and art areas, you can put white sofa with colored throw pillows.

Private Nook for the Kids to Be Alone

Even kids would love to have private place for them, you see. If you have awkward space in the room, you can turn it into nice private nook for kids. Paint the walls with calm color and stick on wall stickers in flower motif or anything. Cover the floor with soft rug, place storage in the corner, and have low soft sofa near it to finish this nook in kids play room.

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