5 Interesting Ideas of Playroom Storage Bench for Kids to Make One Choice From

Yes, we do need storage in the playroom, considering the number of toys and other stuff that your kids will use while spending time there. That being said, it would be quite a problem to place more furniture in the already cramped space. What do we do? You don’t have to worry for there is playroom storage bench to rely on. It is basically a bench with storage below it. There are some ideas we want you to consider about it.

Idea #1 Bench with Chest Storage

Speaking about storage bench, the simplest idea of all would be none other than bench with chest likes storage below the top. For this bench, you store something in and take it out by opening the lid on top that functions as the seat when it is closed. For toys and stuff that are not often used for kids to play, this would make wonderful storage bench. It does not even take other space of the playroom itself.

Idea #2 Bench with Storage Drawer

Storage bench does not always come with chest-like storage. Moreover, you need other idea if kids’ toys and stuff would be often used in the room. For that reason, it would be good if you consider choosing bench with storage drawer instead. With it, you don’t need to get to the storage space by opening the bench top. Slide in and out the drawers below would offer easier access for frequent use of toys, etc.

Idea #3 Bench with Open Shelving

Playroom storage bench does not always have to be in closed space like that above. Storage bench has its kind that comes with open shelving instead. With cubic spaces, kids have the freedom to put everything in. They can take things in and out easier since the bench has open storage space without door or anything to close it in. Not to mention, it can make good display as long as the toys are placed tidily in.

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Idea #4 Bench with Basket Storage

If placing toys tidily in the open shelves won’t do in your case, there is a bit different idea you can try here. Instead of using the shelves alone, you can consider using small baskets to store to toys first. Then, you can have them put inside the shelves. That way, they would still make at least tidy display inside the storage. You can toy boxes with colored upholstery and label them with writings or such for easy finding.

Idea #5 Bench with Double Storage

Storage bench can also have double storage design, both open and closed one. Simply put, you get open shelves in front, but you can still find some space below the bench top. Even though you have smaller space for both storages with this idea, you can store frequently used toys in the open shelving and hide ones that are not in the closed space. Such playroom storage bench sure is convenient, indeed.

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