5 Kids Basement Ideas for Turning Secluded Space Below the House Into A Nice Playroom

Don’t you have space in the house to design for kids’ playroom? You don’t have to worry. If you have unused basement space, it would make a nice setting to design it. Well, this secluded space does not always have good lighting from the sun during the day, would it be fine? Even though it depends on the basement space, there are various kids basement ideas that you can try to realize on your own.

Rainbow Staircase in White Room

If your basement is basically dark without window for sunlight to come in, you should have thought of making it airy. In order to do that, you need to have room basically painted in white. From the ceiling, walls, cupboard, and floor, they can all be painted so. If you have staircase leading to the basement, paint it in the colors of rainbow to give the white space more character. Fill the open shelves with colorful toys to give more of it.

Full Color Floor Mat and Curtains

You don’t have to paint the room all white if you don’t want to. There is more than one idea to realize after all. Kids like colorful things, so let’s put this idea into action then. In the corner of the room, you can install curtain rail to hang variously colored sheets of thin curtains along the three walls of the corner. Have the floor covered with full color mat and set white bright table lamp on white self to take care of the room lighting.

Ball Bath and Cartoon Wallpaper

If you have the budget, you can go all out with any kids basement ideas. This time, we suggest you to install cartoon wallpaper instead of having plainly single colored walls. Surely, kids would love and be interested in the cartoon printed on the wallpaper. Then, only if you can afford it, you can set ball bath along with its entire design that usually consists of the cage and the tube slide. This would make wonderful place to play for children.

Alcove Storage and Recessed Lights

If your basement happens to be long and spacious one, you have more things to put in. However, it does not have to be packed with things for it can only make it too crowded. If the wall has three big alcoves, consider of setting open shelves there and putting toys tidily there will make good display from the shelving. Brighten up the space with white walls and ceiling along with recessed lights above. This will make bright place to play in.

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Colorful Furniture in White Gray Room

If you have vertically long window near the ceiling, you can paint the walls in white while the floor is covered in gray carpet. Since we need pop of colors inside the room, we suggest you to put low open shelves in white, brown wood, and light blue. If your kid is a girl, you can consider putting pink sofa with small fuchsia rug. Pink table can be paired with light blue chairs for nice kids basement ideas.

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