5 Options of Playroom Storage Furniture to Organize All of Kids’ Stuff in the Room

If you are currently planning on designing your kids’ playroom, we can say for sure that sooner or later you would be in the need of some storage to store kids’ toys in. There are various storage ideas to pick one from. If you are not fond of using storage bins, you can consider choosing playroom storage furniture instead. It comes in various different designs, so you can choose which one to go.

Leaning Tower with Toy Shelves and Boxes

Storage furniture does not have to come as straight built shelving. It would contribute more to the playroom design and interest your kids further as well to have uniquely designed shelving in the room. So, consider looking for leaning tower shelving which has its bottom installed with big boxes, its middle with smaller boxes, and its top with basic shelves. This storage should hold many things in.

Cube Shelving with Fabric Storage Boxes in

If you want to go simple but don’t want to it to be too ordinary looking, you can try this idea here. This time, we suggest you to pick cube shelving instead. It is just straight and low shelving with several cube spaces to store things in. However, you can make it all the more interesting with colored storage boxes made of fabric. It would be convenient too to store toys in the shelf that way.

Slide Out Drawer Designed Under the Bed

Playroom storage furniture might as well include one that comes as slide out drawer under the bed. Well, this storage idea won’t do if you don’t have bed in the playroom, but it will if you have the bedroom joined with the playroom. Slide out drawer has much space to offer and it should make things easy for kids to take something from and put it back inside. It saves the mess in the room too.

Slide Out Boxes Under Upholstered Bench

You don’t have to worry even if you don’t have bed around. Even upholstered bench might have its bottom part designed as storage. Instead of having wooden drawer like one under the bed, you can have the storage as smaller toy boxes upholstered in fabric. Kids can put books inside it if they want and get them reached easily as they sit on the bench and read. It would be convenient idea to have.

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Personalized Box with Handle and Wheels

Having standalone toy box would make nice idea as well. It would be especially so if it is personalized. Look for wooden box with handle and wheels. Then, have the box written with things, like “(child name)’s toys”. If you have more than one kid in the playroom, having such playroom storage furniture would be helpful to determine which toy is whose. You can make kids put the toys back to their own personalized toy box. Doesn’t it make a pretty nice idea in your kids’ playroom?

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