5 Playroom Ideas for Toddlers: Adding Things without Making the Room Look Crowded

Designing any room at home can be quite a challenging task, actually. It would be especially so if you have cramped space in the room. We can’t carelessly add more and more things in without considering what would the place look in the end after all. Crowded space would not feel comfortable for anyone to be in. We need space to breathe after all. So, let us suggest you some worthy playroom ideas for toddlers here.

Curtains to Cover Any Toy Storage Space

We are talking about playroom here. Any playroom would have one shelving or two full of boxes of toys and such. While it might serve as good display if placed tidily in aesthetic way, it won’t serve the same with the toys in the same-looking boxes. Since it would look boring and somewhat crowd the space, you can consider covering it with curtains. Match the color scheme and it will make the room look less crowded instead.

Differently Colored Kids’ Nesting Tables

Every playroom needs table you know, even if kids like to play on floor and run around more. If you have more than one kid, it does not mean that you need to have more than one table of the same size for them. Since it would only occupy more space, you can consider looking for nesting tables instead. Smaller tables can be hid below the bigger one for storage. Also, with differently colored ones, it makes pop of colors.

Wooden Colored Storage Boxes as Seats

Playroom ideas for toddlers make good use of every space possible. Often, you will find two things built as one piece of furniture. One example of it would be wooden boxes that serve as seats while they have open space for storage below the top. Using the space to store books and stuff would offer easy reach as the kids sit on the boxes. If the space is enough, there is no need for you to add separate storage or shelving.

Rolling Cube Tables for Kids’ Workspace

You don’t have to buy big table if the space does not allow in your case. Instead, you can opt for rolling cube tables. Such table shapes like a cube with four wheels below and storage space below the top. Buying four of them and having them close together will make wide workspace. However, you can separate them for kids’ personal use as well. These tables will make good pick for those having over one kid at home.

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Wall Mounted Desk with Shelving in It

How about study desk then? Since having table legs take the space too, it would be better if you care to take wall mounted desk instead. It looks like boxy thing attached on the wall. But if you put down the front lid, you will have desk surface with shelving before you. Pair it with chair and it should be enough for your kid. See? Such kind of playroom ideas for toddlers can be such space saving for you.

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