5 Playroom Lighting Ideas for Different Purposes of Usage for Kids in the Room

Just like when you have to consider every teeny bit in other room designs, you’ve got to pay attention to every detail in your kids’ playroom as well. One of them would be the lighting, of course. There are many playroom lighting ideas that you can actually choose one from. Every each of them is better suited for different purposes. So, let us list them out and tell you one by one here.

Hanging Pendant for the Playroom Entryway

Hanging pendant has always been lovely lighting idea to choose for home design. If we were to suggest it for playroom use, it would make the best choice for entryway. Depending on the pendant sizes, there is better installation for every one of them. Smaller pendants would be better to be hung lower and you can hang the bigger pendants higher. That way, pendant lights can make chic statement for the loveliest playroom design.

Night Light with Plug for No Pitch Black Room

Many kids don’t like to be left alone in the dark, you know. They would prefer to have the light on all night or at least until they are fast asleep. If that is the case then, we suggest you to not opting for night lights with battery. We don’t know exactly just when the battery will run out after all. So, instead of having the kids to be so scared or even cry in the dark in the middle of the night, it is best to choose night light with plug to fix the issue.

Desk Lamp for Doing Any Deskwork at Home

Playroom lighting ideas are not there for décors only. They have to offer some function to be beneficial for the kids. You know there must be table and chairs even in the playroom, right? Kids like to draw or write something. So, if you have desk and chair set in the playroom, you’ve got to consider putting desk lamp on the table. That way, you have enough light for your children to see what is in front of them, especially at night.

Reading Light for Story Time in Reading Nook

You’ve got to admit that kids just like when their parents read story for them in every chance possible. If your kids are just like that, you’ve got to have reading nook in the playroom for sure. Of course, there is no reading nook without reading light, right? The reading lamp we recommend to you here though is the one standing tall on the floor. Besides the functionality, it actually makes pretty stylish touch for reading nook as well.

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Table Lamp to Choose with Decorative Design

The last but not the least we recommend here is table lamp that is meant to give enough light to its surroundings. However, it does not have to look plainly boring, you see. Since it is for playroom, you should look for one with decorative design. For example, the lamp has simple white shade to cover its bulb, but it has its stand designed to look like an elephant miniature. Even if this kind of playroom lighting ideas is all in white, it looks chic on the table.

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