5 Playroom Office Ideas that Make Perfect Decors for Combined and Shared Rooms

There are more things to think about when you design combined or shared rooms than when you design each room in each different space individually. It is not like just dividing the space and focuses on each room in each space after all. Sure, you need to make things clear which room is which. However, you need them to be compatible to each other with suitable playroom office ideas to pick.

Large Desk with Arts and Crafts Tools

Office room has always had a pair of desk and chair, right? However, it can always apply the same for the playroom as well. While adults use the desk for doing their job, kids can have their own desk to make some arts and crafts. You don’t have to buy new. Buy used large desk and paint it in white. Having it facing the window and putting arts and crafts tools in colored plastic glass would do the job. The desk will keep the kids busy.

Large Low Free-Standing Bookshelves

Other than the desk, we would need bookshelf as well. Instead of opting for tall one, we suggest you to put large and low free-standing bookshelves instead. With such bookshelf, you can have both you and the kids reach the books stored inside. Have the shelves filled with books and items of different colors. Put framed photos and plant in pot on the top of the shelves. This should make nice décor while still offering space to store books.

Canvas Bins to Fill the Cubby Shelves

Speaking about bookshelves as playroom office ideas, you don’t have to make it look that boring with the shelves stacked with books only. If you can find bookshelves with cubby shelves, it would be the best chance to use canvas bins. You can store your books in some shelves. Then, you can have the toys stored in the canvas bins and have each bin put inside the shelves. This would do the job to make the shelves for you and kids’ use.

Gallery of Items on Linen Cork Board

What can design the wall with is not only photo gallery idea, you see. How about making gallery of items this time? Look for old cork board and have it covered with linen, then hang it on the wall. Then, you can use the board to stitch up fabric pockets. These pockets would be the best place to store pencils, cards, memos, or anything that can fit into it. You can stitch up some photos on the board to make the look if you want too.

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Magazine Holder and Framed Pictures

Since it would be nice to have the cork board accompanied with other wall decors, how about hanging on magazine holder and framed pictures? The pictures don’t have to be photos. They can be simple animal picture or some writing only. Remember it is playroom office ideas we are talking about here. Hang the magazine hold on the other side of the board. This should make the best place to store newspaper and kids’ magazines.

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