5 Playroom Organization Ideas for Neat and Well Organized Room for Kids to Play

Speaking about playroom, we’ve more than enough toys to talk about. To begin with, the room name itself suggests that it is the room for kids to play. So, there is no playroom without toys. That is why you need to think of the best playroom organization ideas possible to make the room look neat and well organized. Kids would love such room to make a mess in. Let us share you some ideas now.

Wall Storage with Single Cubby Shelves

When designing any room, mostly we don’t want to utilize the floor that much, especially if the space is not that spacious to begin with. Actually, the floor is not the only place you can use the space from. Even the wall will do just fine. For wall, we recommend you to look for cubby shelves and have them hung on the wall in sideway line, for example. Fill the cubes with books or toys. This would make nice wall storage décor too.

Stacking Storage Bins to Put on the Table

Storage bins normally used to store toys and be put inside shelves neat and tidy. However, they don’t always have to be one that hides the toys away from your sight. How about making them visible then? If that is the case, we recommend you to look for plastic or glass clear storage bins. They don’t have to be so big. Since they are ones to be put on the table, it would be better for them to be small and can be stacked as well.

Hanging Metal Cups for Colored Pencils

Playroom organization ideas also include hanging metal cups for you to consider too. Have colored cups hang on the respective colored rings hung from wooden hanger. You can then store the respective colored pencils or store them as you wish if you want. Storing the pencil in the same colored cups would look nicer and be easy for kids to find and store the pencils back to their place. Either way, it is one convenient organizer.

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Rolling Drawing Paper Hung on the Wall

Pay attention to your kids. They must have liked to draw as much as to play with their toys. Then, do you want to sacrifice your wall to be their drawing surface? Surely, you don’t want something like that to happen, right? If that is case, it is only right for you to set the specific place where they can draw on. So, here we suggest you to hang rolling drawing paper on the wall. Roll the paper down to draw. Cut and roll it again for new paper.

Shoe Organizer for Barbie and the Dresses

Did your kids like Barbie dolls and have countless of them in their possessions along with the dolls’ changes of dress? Well, it is not that strange for girls to have the hobby of collecting a bunch of them. Since it wouldn’t be that convenient to just throw them all in the boxes or baskets, you can make them easier to be found being stored in each pocket of shoe organizer. This kind of playroom organization ideas is that handy for this.

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