5 Playroom Organizing Ideas that Make Smart Storage Yet Still Offer Nice Look for the Room

Dealing with the toys in the playroom is not a simple feat, indeed. If it drives you crazy, it is the time for you to rely on the use of playroom organizing ideas. They come in a great variety and you should find the ones that suit for every of your needs to store your kids’ toys. Also, these organizing ideas are not all about storage, you see. You can make your room look nice with their existence in the room as well. Let us share you some ideas here.

Hanging Plastic Baskets in Vertical Way on Wall

Surely, you would hope to save the floor space by making it clutter free. If that is the case, you can make good use of the wall instead. It is vertical though, but you don’t have to worry about it. Look for some plastic baskets and hang them in vertical way on the wall. By doing so, you can store the kids’ toys inside the baskets without having to use any space on the floor. They look nice with colors.

Milk Crates for Storing Bigger Toys inside Them

You don’t like how boring boxes might look to store the toys in? Well, it is not like there is no alternative for it. So, this time we have milk crates to recommend for you here. They basically have the right size for kids’ use. Putting them on the floor won’t hurt too. They make good place to put bigger toys in. Just make sure to choose the colored ones for touch of colors to offer for the room.

Stack of Vintage Suitcases with Different Sizes

The next kind of playroom organizing ideas we can suggest to you here will have to toys hidden in vintage suitcases. Look for 3 of them with different sizes, ranging from the biggest to the smallest. Store the toys inside and close them. Then, stack the suitcases starting with the biggest from the bottom. Add doll to sit on top of the stack and this will make simple but nice décor for the playroom.

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Planter Hanger for Stuffed Animals to Store

You don’t have to put stuffed animals in the boxes if you don’t want to. Let’s make use of the ceiling this time. For this idea, we suggest you to use planter hanger and hang it from the ceiling. This will be the storage for your kids’ stuffed animals. Just make sure that the planter hanger is big enough to hold at least several of the stuffed animals. It would make the playroom look interestingly unique.

Pegboard on Wall for Easy Hanger of Things

Speaking about utilizing the space of your wall, you don’t have to hit nails on it so you can hang things from it. If you don’t want to ruin the smooth surface of the wall, you can always use pegboard instead. Hang this on the wall and you have the best surface to hang things with some hooks on. This kind of playroom organizing ideas is pretty neat and can be moved elsewhere as you see it fit as well.

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