5 Playroom Paint Color Ideas to Give Characteristic to the Kids’ Zone at Your Home

Speaking about playroom, you should admit that the first and foremost thing that can make it have characteristic is the use of the correct paint. However, painting playroom is not merely about brushing the walls with single color that you might have done to the other rooms of yours at home. Playroom needs special attention. Here, we have 5 playroom paint color ideas for you to consider.

Bright Accent Wall with White Toy Shelving

Of all colors, you should have known that kids just love bright colors. However, it does not necessarily mean that you have to paint the entire walls with bright colors only. It will strike the eyes too much. Thus, we suggest you to make accent wall. If we have to give it example, you can paint one wall in yellow. Then, stand white shelving there and store the toys in. It will make quite a view.

Stripe of Red Chalk Paint in White Playroom

When dealing with any rooms, it is always easy to start things by painting the room in white. White can match other colors easily after all. Since all-white look would not be good for playroom, we need to give touch of colors on it. For the wall, you can make one stripe of red chalk paint. Writing or drawing something on it with white chalk would make cute look that would suit kids’ only playroom.

Green Walls with Touch of Colors in Room

Playroom paint color ideas appear in a great variety, you see. You don’t have to repaint the walls if you can’t afford to do so. Let’s suppose you have the room’s ceiling and floor in white, but you have pale green walls on. You know, pale green is not that cheerful for playroom. So, instead of repainting the walls, you can just put white shelving and have colorful toys stored in. This will do the job here.

Wall Decals for Themed Decors in Playroom

Speaking about playroom design, you will never go wrong about realizing certain theme for it. What’s more? It is a room for kids after all. You can make it as imaginative as possible. So, why not using wall decals this time? Paint the walls in sky blue and attach white cloud decals high on walls. Draw green grass at the bottom and brown stem and attach lime green leaves with red apples on.

White Walls with Alphabets Attached/Drawn

There are lots of ways of decorating white walls, you know. It does not have to be for the sake of decorations only. You can make the walls pretty educative at the same time as well. If that is what you are aiming for, how about attaching or drawing alphabets on the walls then? Use variety of colors, font sizes, and font styles. This kind of playroom paint color ideas is creative yet remains simple and takes not much effort to realize.

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