5 Playroom Storage Ideas to Store Toys in While Having Them Decorate the Room As Well

Sure, you do need storage in the playroom to store stack of toys that your kids have at home. However, you need to know that playroom storage ideas are not just there to store toys in and keep the playroom clean and tidy once the play time is over. They can actually help you decorate the room as well, making it look more interesting than just a mere space to play. Let’s see some here.

Colored Mesh Hangers for Stuffed Animals

Instead of storing toys in hidden place, we can still make the room tidy while having the toys inside mesh hangers. Choose some with different colors and hang them low enough so your kids can reach. It might have small space in each level, but it should have enough space for more than one stuffed animal to fit in. With the toys in colored storage, it can serve like hanging display of stuffed animals.

Toy Organizer Hung at the Back of the Door

You might need storage for your kids’ toys, but you must not have wanted it to take the space in the playroom more. For small stuffed animals, you can make it into nice display if you store them in toy organizer hung at the back of the door. Toy organizer has many pockets in as one piece. So, you should have enough for many stuffed animals. They even look cute being stored in the pockets too.

Wooden Wall Garage Shelving for Car Toys

Playroom storage ideas are not there for stuffed animals only. Boys would especially like to play with their car toys. Rather than getting the risk of damaging them if we just put them together in a bin, we can consider line them up in wooden wall garage shelving on wall. The shelving has small space to offer, but it is enough for small car toys to fit in line. They make nice collection display, you see.

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Toy Sacks with “Window” to Peek Inside

If your kids have small toys, like cars, you can consider storing them in toy stacks too. Small sacks will do for it would make things easy for kids to carry around, take toy from, and put it inside. Be sure to look for ones with “window” to peek what’s stored inside though. Such storage will allow you to see the toys without having to open the sack itself. It sure is helpful if the kids are looking for something.

Wired Basket of Toys with Labels on Them

Toy storage can be as convenient as possible, actually. If you think that it would not be necessary to store toys while displaying them, you can look for wired baskets instead. With them, kids can just take toys from and put them back inside as well. To make it look better, you can label them and hang them all on wall instead of merely placing them on floor. Such kind of playroom storage ideas can decorate empty wall nicely that way.

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