5 Smart Ideas of Making Playroom Storage Bins More Than Just Place to Store Things

We can’t call one as playroom if it is not full of toys for kids. With a great number of toys that playroom might hold, you would surely need much storage to store them in. One of simple storage for it would be playroom storage bins. However, we can still make those bins all the more convenient for you and become more than just the place to store things. Let’s see the ideas below.

Storage Bins Toned in Various Different Colors

One idea to try would be to paint the bins in various different colors. If the toys come with their own major color, you can have them stored in the bins with their respective colors.  One example of toys would be building blocks. With colored bins, you can also make your kids learn about array of colors and have things with the same colors as the bins matched. Storage idea can be pretty educative too.

Toy Storage Bins Labeled in Alphabetical Codes

There is a wide range of toys kids use to play in the playroom. Of course, they do have name on their own. If it is stuffed animals, the name would be monkey, giraffe, elephant, cat, dog, bear, and such. For education purpose, you can label the storage bins in alphabets. Then, you can have the kids to store their stuffed animals in the bins with the same initial alphabet. Don’t you think it is interesting?

Toy Storage Bins Labeled in Range of Numbers

Playroom storage bins can also be labeled in numbers, you know. Well, telling kids to remember which toys go to which numbered bins would still be a bit hard for kids to do. However, if we were to accompany kids while they play, you can ask them to put their toys in the bins with the number you mention. That way, they can still learn a range of different numbers as they play in their playroom.

Storage Bins with Categories Written on Them

Besides colors, alphabets, and numbers, you can write something on the bins. It would be nice to have them categorized, right? So, you can consider writing things, like markers, crayons, pencils, animals, blocks, legos, and such. It should make things easier for kids to take toys from and store them in their respective bins. It is pretty convenient to know which storage to go right away as well.

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Storage Bins with Labeling Codes in Day Names

Indeed, kids just love to play with toys randomly. However, it won’t hurt to specify what to play with on which day. The choice is yours. However, if you really want to go with this plan, you can consider labeling or writing the names of the days on the storage bins. That way too, you can make the kids learn the day names written on playroom storage bins as they play. See? This is how storage bins can be more than just place to store kids’ toys in.

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