5 Smart Kid Playroom Ideas that Will Give More Character to the Room Design

If you are going to design playroom for your kids, you must have known for sure that you can’t make it look too bland in its design. Kids won’t like their playroom to be uninteresting like that. You don’t have to sacrifice functionality to meet the needs and expectations of the kids. There are various kid playroom ideas that can cleverly fit in the room design to meet both the needs of kids and design.

Height Chart Featuring Tree and Birds

We do need to measure our kids’ height from time to time, right? However, the height chart does not have to be so boring to look at. So, how about looking for height chart that features tree stem and branches then? With straight stem, you can have measurement numbers on it. Also instead of having one with attached leaves already, we can opt for one designed with colorful leaf stickers along with birds and butterfly to decorate it with.

Eye-Catching Chimney with Wallpaper

Did you have fireplace and its chimney designed in the kids’ playroom? Even if they are just artificial thing made in the room, it does not mean that you can just leave it be without contributing much to the room design. We can make it to help you create matching color scheme in the room. If you have deep red wall surrounding it, consider installing white wallpaper with red London buses and toy soldiers printed on. It will feature the wall nicely.

Themed Road Mat to Pair with Daybed

Among all sorts of kid playroom ideas, it must have been familiar of you to hear about road mat, right? As you might have guessed, it is a mat with road printed on it. So, instead of placing normal mat on the floor, it would be a good idea to have themed road mat instead. You can let the kids play with their small cars following the road map on the mat. If your kids just can’t sit still for long, you can have daybed beside it to make perfect pair.

Colorful Alphabet Numeric Wallpaper

It would be boring to have single colored walls in the room. Sometimes, you might still feel the same with two colors on as well. If that is the case then, let’s make the walls look more interesting and even functional with colorful alpha numeric wallpaper on black and white background. That way, the walls can look interestingly funky. Your kids can play as they learn all sorts of alphabets and numbers as well. Don’t you think it is pretty useful idea?

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Modular Open Wall Shelving Storage

Do you have awkward space under the eaves? It would be great to put it into use rather than leaving it be without any decorations. So, here we suggest you to install it with modular open wall shelving storage. With various shelving spaces shaped differently to each other, you can make it into a great display with books, stuffed animals, and even TV in. Kid playroom ideas can be decorated this way.

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