5 Wonderful Options of Playroom Wall Art for Highly Characterized Look of Kids’ Room

It becomes a must for kids’ playroom to look interesting. If not, they won’t be happy to play around inside and couldn’t even call it the place of their own. Well, proper decoration is needed to décor the playroom with after all. Of all wall decors, playroom wall art would be nice to realize. For highly characterized room, there are 5 options to consider. Let’s see if you are interested in any of them.

#1 – Colorful Alphabetical Letter Wall Art

In order to realize this wall art idea, we need the wall art of all letters. Make sure that they all must roughly be in different size, color, and pattern. That way, you can make them look all the more interesting in kids’ room. Not to mention, kids love colorful things. Just attach them on wall in alphabetical order, in 3 rows for example. On wide wall, this wall art idea should make focal point. It is even pretty educative too, you see.

#2 – Educational Typography Wall Art

Well, there is more than one educational wall art idea to realize, actually. You can even try hanging typography art in panels on walls. Since it is for playroom, we can choose educational phrases, like “Keep It Down”, “Share Your Toys”, “Try to Get Along”, etc. As your kids become capable of reading, those wall arts will surely keep them reminded of what’s good to do when playing in the room. See? You don’t have to tell them yourself.

#3 – Colored Palms on Paper Wall Art

The next playroom wall art we have here would not be so hard to realize. You will just need to prepare wide black board to hang on the wall. Get ready with white papers and let your kids have their palm to touch colored paint. Let them make colored palm mark on the paper, each for different color. Glue all paper wall arts on the black board in neat way. With that, you are done realizing this art idea that express kids’ creativity too.

#4 – Gray Cloud and Raindrops Wall Art

You can make quite scenery in kids’ playroom as well, you know. You just need to be creative to create the idea. So, do you plan on having tent inside the playroom? It would be all the better if you have brick walls. Paint the walls in pale turquoise. With the tent nearby, you can make gray cloud and raindrops out of panels and attach the art on the wall. Hang pendant lamp with yellow glow to act as the sun that still shines through.

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#5 – Biking on Leave Path Sticker Wall Art

The last but not the least wall art to try would be to use wall art stickers creatively. You can apply this idea on the front wall of kids’ play room, beside the door. Hang pot of green vine with pink flowers on white fenced one on yellow wall. Stick mailbox sticker near the door with bush of flowers and stone path beside it with pots above. Stick falling leaves right below them and girl biking sticker to finish this playroom wall art here.

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