Baby Playroom Decoration Tips

If you have a baby, you need to create a playroom at home. Playroom can be used for your children with various ages including a baby. So, the design and decoration of the playroom should be customized to the age of your kid. If you want to create a playroom for your baby, you should also apply design and decoration that is appropriate for a baby. Therefore, you have to plan it properly. There are many tips that you need to consider in decorating a baby playroom. Here are some tips for you.

Follow 80/20 Play Rules

Baby playroom design should prioritize the playing time. So, it relates to how you organize the playroom. If you do not organize the playroom well, it will make most of your baby time go unused. So, you have to make sure that the playroom is easy accessed, more spacious, and more fun. By focusing on those things, your baby can maximize his or her time for playing. With 80% playing time, it makes your baby feel excited in the playroom you create.

Keep the Baby Playroom Simple

When you plan the decoration of a playroom for your baby, you have to focus on the playroom organization. In this case, simplicity is very important in baby playroom decoration. If you keep the decoration simple, it will be easy to maintain, clean, and arrange. So, it makes the playroom look tidy and it feels comfortable for your baby. On the contrary, if you apply too busy playroom with too complex decoration, it will be very annoying and your baby will also feel annoyed. In conclusion, simple decoration is better for your baby.

Prioritize Pictures than Texts

It will be a good idea if you decorate your baby playroom with pictures or texts. However, because your baby cannot read anything yet, it will be much better if you apply pictures. For example, you can label a container with pictures such as stickers. Besides that, you can also apply some cute pictures on the wall. It will be much better to attract your baby rather than using text labels. The more pictures you apply, the more attractive it will be. So, you do not hesitate to apply pictures in the playroom.

Do Not Use a Toy Box

You usually store toys in a toy box. It may be able to make the playroom look tidy. However, it will not be effective. If you store the toys in the toy box, your baby has not enthusiasm to play the toys. He or she prefers spread the toys out on the floor and he or she does not play the toys. So, it will be better if you display the toys on a toy cabinet in your baby kid playroom.

Apply New Toys

With the same toys every day, your baby may be bored. So, you do not need to apply too many toys at the same time. Fewer toys are better but you should apply new toys after you feel that your baby bored to play with the same toys. It will keep your baby excited in your baby playroom.

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