Creative, Money Saving Ideas to Store Kids’ Clothes in Kids Play Rooms at Home

Even in playroom, you would consider of having clothes ready, right? However, the playroom would turn into bedroom if you choose to use wardrobe to store them. So, it is the time for you to opt for something else. Give us the chance to tell you two nice storages ideas for kids play rooms here. You don’t need to buy wardrobe at all if you can’t afford to do so.

Suitcases of Different Sizes to Store the Clothes in

Instead of using wardrobe, you can always use suitcases to do the job of storing your kids’ clothes. Well, we are talking about it as part of the playroom design, so you can’t just simply look for suitcase, have clothes in, and put it wherever there is space in the room. This design idea just won’t do if you aim for well organized one. So, here we suggest you to look for suitcases of different sizes.

Have them with different pattern and color too. This will add pop of colors for the design of the room. Then, put the clothes in and stack the suitcases in the corner of kids play rooms from the biggest to the smallest. You can leave the uppermost suitcase open for easy access to the clothes stored in it. It would be best to have clothes that are often used to store in the suitcase on top.

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Drawers Labeled in the Names of the Day in a Week

As you might have known, we can use drawers instead of wardrobe. Sure, this storage idea has been something common in home design. However, we can still make it more interesting and attractive for kids’ playroom. What do we do then? Well, you know that kids often have their specific clothes to wear each day of the week. Surely, you don’t want to waste time searching one in a pile, right?

Thus, we recommend you to label each drawer by the names of the days in a week. From up to bottom, label the drawers from Monday to Sunday. Then, have the respective clothes stored inside the drawers. That way, every day you need the clothes, you can immediately grab the right one as soon as possible. Isn’t it one creative idea of kids play rooms? It even looks nice to stand in the room.

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