Creative Playroom Decorating Ideas to Realize Kid Only Area with Stage-Like Vibe in It

You can always be creative in designing your kids’ playroom. Actually, you can even realize whatever idea you have in mind and put it into action in it. How about realizing playroom with stage-like vibe in it? For this vibe, there are some creative playroom decorating ideas you can take into account. Let’s see what you can choose to realize in the room here.

Simple but Nice Letter Décor for Playroom Wall

We need to decorate the wall, of course. However, it does not have to be painted differently than the others. This time, it would be good to consider decorating playroom wall with letter wall décor. It can be the letters of related word for playroom, like PLAY HAPPY. So, attach big letter decors saying PLAY and hang a string of small letter décors saying HAPPY just below it. It will do a fine job.

Stair-Like Storage Shelves and Baskets for Toys

We still have some space below the letter décor and the floor. So, let’s use it to put stair-like storage shelves there. Be sure the shelves are square. Then, you can prepare baskets with number attached on them and have each to store the kids’ toys. This kind of playroom decorating ideas will need you to store them to each shelf. You can place iron basket of balls beside this storage idea playroom too.

Wicker Carpet with Raw-Looking Table and Chairs

If the playroom use pale brown walls with pale white storage, it is better to cover the floor with wicker carpet. This carpet room floor idea will match the theme of the playroom. Then, place raw-looking or rustic table and chairs on it in front of the storage. From the front, wouldn’t it look stage-like with stage feel as well? Have small wicker basket on the table to give nice touch to the furniture.

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Simple Tent with Open Door and Pillows Inside

Let’s make it look like classic open stage then. To do that, you can stand simple tent out of wooden poles wrapped in pale white cloth with blue triangular flags circling its top. Have the tent designed with open door and decorate the inside with white small rug and some black white pillows. The overall look of these playroom decorating ideas will be very stunning and simply amazing, you see.

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