Creative Sun Playroom Wall Décor Ideas for Cheerful Sunny Playroom for the Kids

If you are going to design your kids’ playroom, make sure that you have chosen theme in mind already. No room could be more distinctive than the others if it does not at least have theme realized in its design. Depending on the theme you choose, there will be different playroom wall décor to choose. If it is for sunny playroom, sun wall décor is a must, right? Here are the ideas.

#1 – Ball of Sun with Red and Yellow Flares

This sun wall décor idea is not one to be drawn on the wall. Here, you will have to make yellow ball out of papers. Stick it on one of the ceiling corners with glue and make sure it won’t easily fall down with its weight. Now that the sun is ready, we need to realize its flares. Draw curvy shapes on red and yellow papers. Cut them and stick around the ball with two colors in turn. The end result should give you the look of the sun on the sky.

#2 – Sun Image of Big Growing Sunflower

Sun wall décor does not have to be the spitting image of the sun itself. We can represent it with other thing. The closer image would be the sunflower. Look for big and tall sunflower sticker. If you have baby crib against the wall, you can stick the tall stem from the floor on the wall space near it and have it curved above the crib. The yellow petal circling the middle part would look like a sun, wouldn’t it? It is a simple alternative to try.

#3 – Sun of Fans with Long Flares All Over

The next idea of playroom wall décor we have this time will have you to make use of two wooden, yellow colored fans. Once spread out, each would make half of circle. Hang both on wall to make full circle of sun. Then, use yellow paper and cut it long in several numbers. Stick below the fan and swirl it twice or thrice depending on the length of the paper. Apply this idea around the sun and it will make creative sun wall décor to realize.

#4 – String of Rainbow and Sun Behind It

We have to put more effort to realize this idea here. You can first draw rainbow shape with the sun behind it on big wooden panel to hang on wall later. Work from below and start with red string to connect the nails of the lowest layer of the rainbow in zigzag way. Do this to the next layers above it with the right colors of rainbow. It applies the same with the sun. You can have yellow for the middle part and leave it to orange for the flares.

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#5 – Sun of Yellow Sole Marks on Paper

Let’s have the kids make the art, then. For this idea, we need you to prepare white paper as well as gold and beige paints. Paint a quarter of the sun on one of the corner papers. Let your bigger kid step on gold paint and leave mark with it on the paper. Then, allow your smaller kid to step on the beige and do the same. This playroom wall décor will need them to do in turn to make the sun flares. Stick the paper on panel and hang it on wall.

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