Kids Play Room Ideas for Getting Cozy Reading Nook Ready for Kids to Read Books

People don’t always spend their time playing with toys, you see. Once they grow up and become capable of reading themselves, they would also spend their time burying their nose in books. So, wouldn’t it be a good idea to have reading nook in the playroom? Here are kids play room ideas you can consider to make cozy nook in the corner of kids’ room.

Low Bookcase, Carpet, Bean Bag, and Floor Lamp

There is nothing better than making reading nook in the corner of the playroom near the window. To make the space here, you can start by putting bookcase against the wall. Make sure to have it low though so that the kids can reach the books in the bookcase on their own. Spread colorful patterned carpet in front of it to give the space for kids to be near where the books are stored in the bookcase.

Look for bean bag and put it sideways near the bookcase. That way, the kids can grab the book and take a sit right away. Since bean bag has no arms, it offers easy access to move around as you wish. As one of the kids play room ideas for this reading nook, you need floor lamp to put beside the seat. This would make perfect nook even at night. So, your children can read all the time if they want to.

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Bins and Baskets with Color Coding for the Storage

If the selves in your bookcase are tall enough for baskets to fit in, you can use them to store toys as well. You should have known that small toys would be too much to stand in the shelves of bookcase, right? Considering in great number it usually is, it is always best to put them in bins or baskets. Then, you can put those bins and baskets in the bookcase. It would save much space than without them.

Since it is for kids though, you should think of making it more interesting and more educative too. For example, you can use color coding method here. Have each basket colored differently to each other and teach your kids to put the toys back in accordance with the color, for example. This kind of kids play room ideas will make them learn as they play.

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