Kids Playroom Ideas for Comfy and Attractive Space for Kids to Play in Their Only Zone

Playroom defines one room for kids to call their own for playing purpose. However, even in such room, you can use some space to make more like private zone for kids to play. What ideas should we choose to realize such space inside the playroom? You don’t have to think hard. Some simple kids playroom ideas will do and make the space ready for kids to use.

Interactive, Wool Rug for Look and Comfort

Since kids just love to play in their private space a lot, we need it to be comfortable while still looking good at the same time. It is only a room’s nook here, so you can go as simply as spreading rug on the floor. When it comes to safety and comfort, thick wool rug would do the job well here. Due to its soft feel, kids will feel warmly comfortable while sitting on it. It won’t even scratch their skin as well.

Parents will feel relieved leaving their children playing in their favorite zone of the playroom. Also, it would be nice if you choose the interactive looking one. Soft rug with colorful motif of fruits for example, would be one nice kind of kids playroom ideas that gives pop of colors in the zone. Not to mention, it makes your kids be more imaginative while playing there with pictures of fruits on floor.

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Simple Tent with Wooden Poles and Fabric

Now that you are done with the floor, let’s realize one more idea here. Sure, interactive floor is nice for kids to play on, but it would not be enough to make an attractive space for kids to play in. So, we suggest you to make simple tent here. Since we are going to make it inside a room, the tent does not have to be as big as the tent you often make when camping outdoors. Small one would do just fine.

Also, we are talking about making one for kids. So, gather 4 wooden poles and have them cross each other at the top and leave the bottom open as the framework of the tent. Cover it with white fabric by tying it at the top and leave one side open a bit as the tent door. Decorate the tent with strings of colorful accessories to finish this kind of kids playroom ideas.

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