Nice Black and White Playroom Decoration Ideas

Playroom should be decorated as beautiful as possible. However, some parents prefer simple decoration. Decorating playroom can be done with many ways. One of them is by choosing the theme. It relates to the colors that you will apply. If you want the simple decoration but look attractive, elegant and beautiful, you can apply black and white playroom. Black and white is a perfect combination of colors. If you are interested in this decoration theme, you can try the following nice ideas below.

Playroom with Black and White Wall

Decoration usually starts from the wall. So, if you want to apply black and white themed playroom, you can start it from the wall. To realize it, you can paint the playroom wall with black and white colors. It will look elegant if you apply black and white vertical stripes. However, black and white horizontal stripes will also look very nice. It depends on your favorite theme style. Anyway, it becomes one of the best ideas to apply.

Playroom with Black and White Floor

Besides that wall, you should also pay attention to the floor. How can you apply black and white theme on the floor of your playroom? There are many ideas. For example, you can apply black and white flooring. It can be with wood flooring or ceramic flooring. Besides that, you can also consider applying a rug with black and white dots theme. The second idea is more flexible because you can clean and move it anywhere and anytime you want. Anyway, it can be considered as one of the black and white playroom decorations that you need to try.

Playroom with Black and White Ceiling

Ceiling is also very important so that you should also pay attention to it including the theme. In relation to black and white playroom, you can try many ideas to realize it. For example, you can paint the ceiling with black and white colors. Besides, it will also look nice if you hang some accessories with black and white theme. Anyway, black and white should also be applied on the playroom ceiling.

Playroom with Black and White Curtains

Curtains have an important role in decoration including for a playroom. If you are confused to choose the theme of curtains you want to apply, why do not you consider black and white theme? It looks nice and luxurious. Even though it has a simple theme, this will make your playroom exciting. Therefore, it becomes black and white playroom idea that you need to try.

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Playroom with Black and White Furniture

There are many kinds of furniture that you need to have in a playroom such as table, chairs, cabinets, storage, etc. If you arrange them tidily, they will look nice. However, it will not be enough. You can also make them look much more attractive if you pay attention to the color. Playroom with black and white theme or color will look very attractive. Therefore, it becomes a great idea for black and white playroom.

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