Playroom Decor Ideas for Realizing Beautifully Designed Play Zone in the Kids’ Room

If you have kids at home, surely you would want to make them a playroom where they can call as their own, right? Speaking about it, there are many designs to try with various playroom decor ideas worth to realize in. You don’t even have to make one separate room to be made into a playroom. Realizing one in one side of a room is enough. Let us suggest you with one nice design idea here.

Accent Wall with Colored Wall and Photo Gallery

If you are going to focus on one side of walls, let’s focus on making an accent wall. So, consider paint it in different color than the rest of the walls. This will differentiate it than the others and help draw attention to the play zone. Then, add this playroom wall idea with a gallery idea. For it, we suggest hanging photos in colored frames. Hanging them in round zone looks nice in different shaped wall.

Low Storage with Open Shelves for the Kids’ Toys

Now, you can utilize the space below the gallery to place storage with open shelves. If your accent wall is wide enough, you can stand two to three storages side by side. Then, fill their shelves with baskets, bins, etc. where kids can put small toys in. This one of playroom decor ideas will help you organize the toys neatly. Such playroom storage idea will make kids learn how to clean up as well.

Floor with Nice Rug and Simple Furniture to Add in

Surely, you won’t let your kids sit or lie on cold floor, right? You will make them sick one day. So, to solve this problem, we need to consider placing rug on the floor. Make sure it is soft, warm, and non-slip. This playroom rug idea will protect them as they play. Then, place simple furniture, like table, chairs, and sofa. Sometimes, even kids would need to sit and play tea party, for example.

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Folded Chalk Board to Finish the Design Idea With

Now that you are done realizing those ideas above, we need to include the finishing touch for your kids’ play zone. Yes, we recommend you to place folded chalk board on the opposite side of where you have placed the sofa on, leaving you the idea of having them on two sides of the table and chairs in the middle. Wouldn’t they be nice playroom decor ideas?

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