Playroom Living Room Combination: the Things that Will Make the Combination Look Great

Having playroom does not have to be in separate room, you see. You can use spare space you have even in the bedroom, living room, or even dining room. That being said, you need to know what would be good to share together from the playroom and the living room without making one stands out more than the other. If that is what you are aiming for too, we have some options of playroom living room combination to take into account here.

Gallery of Photos for the Decors of the Room Wall

First than anything, we have this photo gallery for you to consider. At the very least, framed photos are one of the best wall decors for every room design. Since it is combination for both playroom and living room, it would still look good to have family photos hung with frames in different sizes and frame colors. You can mix it with floral pictures for some touch of variety on the wall. Have them hung in oval shape. It would be nicer to look at.

Animal Head Wall Décor to Mix in Photo Gallery

Framed photos are not the only thing you can have for the photo gallery though.  Animal head wall decors would make a nice addition as well. Make sure that your choice is ones with pop of colors that suit kids’ taste yet still nice enough to décor your living room with. Remember that it won’t do if you choose the one that looks close to reality. We have living room combined with playroom, so we need to have some decors more intended for kids.

Airier Feel with White and Bright Color Scheme

Playroom living room combination should also consider the idea of making the room feel airier. Since the space will be used for two rooms, you shouldn’t let it look cramped and crowded. Thus, we suggest you to use white and bright color scheme. It will make you feel that the room still has more space to offer somehow. Start by painting the walls in white. Then, add books in bright colored covers, baskets, and other items in the shelves.

Focal Point with Colorful Hanging Threads on Wall

We have living room to be combined with the playroom here. So, it won’t hurt to make the space more cheerful with nice playroom idea, right? Well, you don’t have to make it stand out much in order to make focal point with it. The idea we suggest here has you to hang colored threads from wooden stick. Choose variety of colors and hang it on white wall would easily make focal point with small table and chairs with green plant in pot.

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Play Zone with Simple Tent and Rug on the Floor

Just because we have the playroom to be designed in the living room, it does not mean that you are restricted to have what’s your kids love in the area. If you can make play zone in the playroom, you can still realize the same in the combined area. Use some space in the corner, for example. Then, you can spread warm rug on the floor and have simple tent on. It would still make nice look in playroom living room combination if kept tidy.

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