Playroom Paint Colors that Make the Most Interesting Look for Kids Only Room

Talking about the colors for your kids’ playroom, you must have been fully aware the needs of making the room look cheerful for kids. That is why gloomy colors are not the thing for playroom. What colors can be chosen then? What are ones to make the room look cheerful too? If you don’t have any clue at all about it, give us the chance to suggest you some playroom paint colors here.

Sky Blue and Leaf Green for Wall Painting

The colors of the sky and greenery have always been the right choice for kids’ playroom. If the playroom is big and the walls are wide and spacious, let’s make full use of the wall space by painting something on it. It is a big project, but worth to try. With colors of sky blue and leaf green, you can consider painting village in lush green under blue sky. It is imaginative idea to realize in the room.

Dusty Pink Ceiling and Stripe with Glass Wall

It is not like you can never use pale colors for the kids’ playroom. However, you have to make sure that the overall design will still look cheerful for them. If you have dusty pink painted for the ceiling and one stripe of it at the bottom of the walls, you don’t have to paint the rest in complete white. Glass walls with white frames would be enough to exist together with dusty pink in the playroom.

Pale Brown and Orange to Match the Theme

Playroom paint colors can always be considered based on the theme of the playroom itself. Playroom can always be made like playground with slide and climbing wall, for example. If that is the case then, you need shade of colors that are close to the color of wood. So, you can color one side of wall with pale brown and paint it with trees, while orange, pink, and purple for other sides of walls.

White Wall and Other with Black Chalk Paint

Combining two walls with different paints would be nice idea too. You can have one side painted in all white with normal paint, while you can have the other painted in black chalk paint. Sure, it would be boring to have them simply painted like this. So, you can have white one decorated with colorful painting and the black chalk paint decorated with writing of alphabets and numbers in white chalk.

Vertically Striped Wall of Colorful Paint Colors

You can always start the painting of playroom wall with white paint color. Then, what can we do next to make the room look cheerful with it? If you think painting the entire wall with certain scenery is too much of work to do, you can paint vertical stripes on the wall in various sizes and colors. These playroom paint colors will be the focal point in the room with the other walls in white.

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