Who we are

Our website address is: https://www.42room.com

Privacy statement

We will not collect the personal identity of the visitor in order to keep the privacy. However, when visitor join with the survey in this site, comment some products, or doing some other activities, the contact may will be collected. The collected contact will be the part of our database and we will use it wisely.

We automatically will collect some cases of the information, such as the internet domain, the IP address of your access, the type of the browser and the time of your access. The entire matters there are useful to keep the well condition of this site and throw the threat away.

We do not sell any information inside this side. We use the details of information inside the site to help the visitors when they need some other references about the tips, trick and the design of room for the children.


we do not use the cookies to monitor any activity of the visitor’s web browsing activity. Cookies is may be used for the site, which allow the transaction in that site or to process the submitted data through online.

When visitor chooses to share their personal information through the message and other, the information will be used to fulfill the request and to update the site.

Link to other sites

various sites are linked with this site in order to increase the detail information. We collaborate with the other side in order to give the exact information for the visitors. The links are also save because we use the automatically scanning when the virus tries to attack it.

Site content guidelines

this site has the right to deny content or to remove the list inside the site any time. There is no minimum guarantee about the posting. When we feel that one posting is useless, we will remove it soon. Our aim is to provide the nice and the update information for the visitors.